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Children Are Not A Partisan Issue
Actions you can take to help the 11,000+ children sitting in cages, unsure of where their parents are and if they will ever see them again: 1. Call your elected representatives. As Congressman Ted Lieu of California wrote on Twitter, how we treat children is not a partisan isssue. You can reach out to your elected representatives and let them know how important this issue is to you. The congressional switchboard is (202) 224-3121, or check out these 3 political apps that make it easy to contact your reps. -When you call, you can ask them to act -You can thank the Members of Congress who actually are speaking out on this issue and standing with women and children. (Tweet via @MomsRising). -Further, you can ask them to abolish ICE, an extrajudicial and unaccountable organization which is aptly described by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as “a weapon waiting for a tyrant.” 2. Gain a better understanding of the law at the Informed Immigrant website and see a list of legal support services who could use your help. 3. Support the ActBlue Charities initiative to Support Kids at the Border. Funds raised will be split among multiple charities. 4. Support charities and organizations dedicated to helping children, including the following: (Note, I’ll continue to update this with excellent orgs vetted by people I trust as I come across them) – The Young Center for Immigrant and Children’s Rights focuses on the rights, safety, and best interests of unaccompanied immigrant children. –United We Dream is the first and largest immigrant youth-led organization in the country. –KIND: Kids in Need of Defense is effective in supporting children’s protection and upholding their right to due process and fundamental fairness. –The Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project supports detailed adults and unaccompanied children who have been detained in Arizona, often illegally. –Asylum Advocacy works to prevent the deportation of refugees fleeing violence and war, who have come here seeking legal asylum, provides emergency legal services, and a lot more. –Lutheran Immigration Services has been helping resettle refugees and reunite families since 1939. -The UN Refugees Agency isn’t specific to US refugee and immigrant issues, but they support victims fleeing from conflict in myriad ways. (h/t Amanda Litman on Twitter who continues to share a crowdsourced list of organizations that are helping.) –The National Immigrant Justice Association of the Heartland Alliance ensures human rights protections and access to justice, including legal services, for all immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. 5.Donate to the ACLU which is actively fighting these injustices in court. You can also sign their petition to Kevin McAleenan, Commissioner of Customs and US Border Protection to demand a stop to the physical, sexual, and verbal abuse of immigrant children. (Just note I personally am not a big fan of petitions as I question their effectiveness, but I am a fan of supporting the ACLU in any way they need.) 6. Vote. Vote vote vote vote vote. Vote for candidates in November who will take a stand for human decency in every possible way, and especially around this issue. 7. Write about it. Use your social platforms. Use your website (that’s what I’m doing, right here). Every voice amplifying this makes a difference. 8. Attend or host a rally is starting to coordinate local marches for stolen children on June 14 — if you don’t feel comfortable leaving an address on the form, which is light with details, just keep your eye out for developments on hashtags and Friday June 1 is being called a National Day of Action for Children sponsored in part by the National Domestic Workers Alliance, We Belong Together, ACLU, United We Dream, MomsRising, MoveOn, and the Women’s Refugee Commission, and co sponsored by dozens of religious organizations, non-profits and groups we respect, including our friends from the #WeAllGrowLatina Network. This day includes Families Belong Together Rallies, a project of the ACLU’s People Power project. Manage

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